America Recycles Day

I posted this Tuesday at Hey Jen, but in the spirit of recycling, it certainly also belongs at Earth to Philly.

America Recycles Day is a time set aside every year to encourage lazy butts, I mean consumers, to do what some of us only reluctantly, and that's recycle. Yeah, I know it's a pain but if I can separate the trash, anyone can. Believe me, I put off doing it for the longest but now it's second nature.

Jennifer Kelley and Lori Braunstein with one of the new recycling bins.

Well, almost. Actually, I'm still working on it. But if you haven't at least tried, I suggest you mark their calendars for Nov. 15 - America Recycles Day.

In Philly, a local company called SCA and Philadelphia Recycling will host a  “Love Your City” event beginning at noon in Love Park on Nov. 14. There will be games, a chance to win Eagles tickets, Eagles cheerleaders and pledge forms that people can sign as proof of your commitment to recycling. You've got to get started sometime. So, go get your green on!