A reader's divorce experience

Divorce article - 9/14/09
Q: Hello:
As a child of divorce in 1961 I read with great interest the article from the grandmother looking for support.
My brother and I also did not want to sleep at our father's, but would gladly sleep at our grandparents. Our grandparents offered security and unconditional love that we did not find with our father.
For a father to have the attitude that his 8 year old should 'learn to cope' is a horrible way to deal with the trauma of divorce. This poor kid is dealing with enough right now.
I was wondering why you didn't suggest the father get counseling or an attitude adjustment. And why hasn't anyone asked this child why he doesn't want to sleep at his dads?
For the statistics I fall into the 75% and my brother falls into the 25%.

Philadelphia, PA