Mother of Iraqi Vet needs help

Son's PSTD from Iraq
Q: Dear Dr. Gottlieb,
May I say how much I admire and respect you. My son is an Iraq Vet. He is suffering from PSTD and was diagnosed like the lady in this weeks forum in 45 mins. as having ADD. My son is 27 and is married but having difficulties. Andrew is very bright, charismatic and gets along with a lot of people. He is very depressed and unmotivated and is currently separated from his wife. I am helpless to assist him. The VA has let him down and he did get a Dr.s name but has not called him. Andrew is difficult since he is sometimes brighter and intuitive about the person who is treating him. On two occasions he quit because of his sense that the Dr. was inept. I can only pray, love, and support him. I would love if you could see him since I truly respect your common sense approach and deep empathy with your patients. Or if you could recommend a therapist who is strong in PSTD and the issues that surround it like social, marriage,etc. The person has to be strong because Andrew is one of the most strong willed humans I have ever encountered.

Mary Colket
Glen Mills, PA

Mary I don't know anyone in Glen Mills who specializes in PTSD with veterans, and that is exactly who I would want him to see.  I am posting this in hopes that some mental health professionals who have this specialty will comment so that we can get your son the help he needs and deserves

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