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Adult Children and Gifts
Q: Glad to hear you will be addresssing questions from parents of adult children tomorrow. I look forward to it.

I'm 62 and single now. My son is 25 and my and three step-daughters are in their 20's.

I think part of my problem is that I hated the Family Requirements my parents imposed on me, and I went to the other extreme when I was a parent. I still don't want my kids to feel obligated or guilty about anything, so when holidays come there may or may not be time together or presents from them. This does hurt at my birthday and Mother's Day.

I can see that I could open a dialogue with them about what we want to create together as adults.
Devon, PA


Of course opened, honest dialogue is good no matter who we are talking with. Our children want to know our truth no matter what age they are.  They want to know our dreams and fears, what makes us happy and what hurts us.  And they want us to know that about them.  Most of us devote a great deal of energy protecting them from our "real feelings".  And we wind up protecting them from intimacy and honesty.  Look forward to " seeing " you tomorrow!  On the web chat tomorrow

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