UPDATE: Drinking Water now ok

UPDATE: Sunday morning: Officials say the drinking water in Ventnor now is ok (thanks, just bought four jugs of spring water), and boiling etc. no longer necessary. The leaking sewage pipe in the bay area continues, and recreation and fishing restrictions still apply. Apparently, people have been ocmplaining about the sewage pump at Fulton and Harvard for quite awhile, with no or little response from city officials. Like I said, thanks guys.

Well, the world seems to be ending, and it's beginning in Ventnor, New Jersey. Visitors and locals were greeted with emails and recorded phone messages Friday night informing them that 1. a sewage pipe had ruptured around Harvard and Fulton Aves in the back bay section, and near ski beach, and that all jet skiing, swimming, etc. was prhobited until further notice. THe state DEP said all shellfish etc. from Lakes Bay north of Margate was now considered not safe for consumption. This broken sewage pipe has been a problem that has been around for awhile. An earlier fix did not do the trick, and well, I guess the subsequent fix that was supposed to do the trick hadn't yet been executed. Nice. Everyone head to the ocean.

Then, a few minutes later, another fun notification. The city had found e-0coli contamination in the dirnking water and was adivsing residents to boil their water or use bottled. They discovered this problem on Wednesday, told everybody on Friday. Thanks guys! Doesn't seem to have affected my dog, and we're all on a bottled water jag anyway, but still. Would have been better to eat those backyard tomatoes straight off the vine, I guess. N o word on when things will be back to normal . Everyone have a fun weekend! Don't forget the Hobie Cat Regatta on Oxford, it's gonna e awesome. Start time at noon. UPDATE: Hobie Regataa postponed until next Saturday because of light to no wind forecast. 

Here's more details from our friends at the Press of Atlantic Ciy.