Whatcha doing under there sweetie?

 Saw this little glimpse of conspiratorial  heaven the other day on a bike ride  through Longport. I guess the answer  is, being power washed, but sure    looked like some extra special  preparations were under way just in  time for the summer season, which  apparently is arriving today, April 16,  when temps will top 80 degrees at the  shore (it's cooler at the shore,  remember?).

 Longport also added a nice new old-  fashioned looking clock at the base of  the bridge, the better to occupy you  after the police pull you over for  speeding merrily into town. Looks like  they may even be fixing up the epic  potholes and cracks on the bridge  itself, which make it even more of a  hazard for bike riders such as myself.  On my way back into Longport on the  bike, I always think, the drivers will  thank me for forcing them to slow  down as they pass me on the bike into  town, thereby avoiding the speed trap.  But on the way out to Somers Point,  people seem impatient to rev it up.  Wish there were another way off the  island on the bike, one with a better  shoulder, but there is not. Still waiting  for the new Ocean City bridge to open  up their bike/pedestrian lane. Island-  hopping is one of the great joys of  bicycling down here, especially some  of the old causeways and bridges, like  past Corson's Inlet and into  Strathmere, but shoulders can be non-existent.