The return of beauty queens to the Boardwalk?

No not those beauty queens. But the word is, plans are afoot to bring back one of the other casualties of the Miss America Pageant's move from Atlantic City to Las Vegas (beyond the pageant itself, whose ratings slipped to 3.5 million viewers on TLC last January, compared with 9.8 million in 2004, in Atlantic City and on ABC).  The Miss'd America Pageant, the traditional day-after drag queen revue and fundraiser that has been dormant since the pageant skipped town four years ago, is plotting a return to the Boardwalk. Mortimer Spreng, a most talented Drag Queen, perennial Miss'd America contestant, flower arranger and man about the Boardwalk, says the AIDS fundraiser is looking to revive itself on the traditional day after the pageant (scheduled for January 30 in Vegas) not on the deck of Studio Six nightclub as in the past (Studio Six has closed) but right on the stomping grounds of the real thing: Boardwalk Hall. The tentative title of the show, in the past written by the very talented Bob "Sandy Beach" Hitchens, is, fittingly, "This ISN'T It", a takeoff on the Michael Jackson movie, says Mort. Look for an official announcement next month, and let the bad puns, innuendo's, sequins and makeup applying begin. Too bad Vince Fumo won't be around to judge, as he has in the past. The last time I went, it was all a green apple-tini blur, but I still managed to get Mortimer's signature "Lipstick Kisses" autograph. Thanks, Mortimer. At the very least, this gives us a chance to run our favorite picture of Miss Mortimer, a dead ringer for Audrey Hepburn. Lipstick kisses, Mort! See you on the runway.