Deer on a pier: Downbeach deer finds his place in the sun.

Ah Bucky. We were never quite sure how you got on the island (over the Margate bridge? swimming? down the Black Horse Pike?) But we loved you while you were here in our streets last spring, mourned your death at the hands of the law when you wandered into the wrong neighborhood in Atlantic City, and now, have immortalized you in a way no offshore community ever could: on a beach badge. The deer whose adventures in the streets of Margate and Ventnor were captured by residents and, famously, by Margate firefighter Michael Palmer in the video below, before being shot to death by an Atlantic City policeman last October after wandering too close to a casino porte cochere, will be on beach badges shared by the two towns this summer ($7 now, $15 in June). Designed by a student in a contest, the beach badge features a white-tailed deer on a wooden walkway over the ocean and sand. In other words: deer on a pier. RIP Bucky. Like so many, your luck may have run out when you hit Atlantic City, but downbeach will never forget. We take care of our own. 

Here's the video: