Speaking of Seaside Bar (Song)

Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley's at the Seaside Bar
We'll run barefoot in the sand, listen to his guitar

-Bruce Springsteen, Seaside Bar Song

   So it's bar week on the blog looks like. Last night, Bruce Springsteen, (left, photographed by Inky photog Michael Bryant), reprised his awesome little tune Seaside Bar Song at the Wells Fargo (calm down, he opened with it last time he was in Philly), and you know, speaking of Seaside Bars, I ran across this nice bit of news from the Showboat Hotel and Casino. With Revel opening next week with a new philosophy about their location (look, an ocean!), Showboat is also changing its focus to welcome what's right outside their door. Located at the famously great surfing spot of States Avenue, Showboat announced this week it was transforming its first floor Club Worship into a new Worship Surf Bar, which it hopes will be an apres-surf hangout for lifeguards, surfers, beach goers and their groupies. Don Marandino, the head of East Coast operations for Caesars who usually has a good feel for things, said in their statement: "Delaware and States Avenue has always been a prime location for regional surfers, since way before my days as a lifeguard in Brigantine. With Worship Surf Bar we wanted to crate a really affordable and legitimate surf and sports hangout that would cater to a flip-flop-kind-of-crowd."

Dude, you're onto something. With the new Tourism District, there has been a lot of chatter about repositioning Atlantic City to take advantage of its surf, skate culture (an indoor skate park is being considered), which, let me tell you, is definitely out there and under appreciated. At Showboat, they'll be offering street tacos and other surf fare (rum drinks), hanging photos of surfing over the years at States Avenue and trying to bring some of that cool vibe that's out in the waves into their casino. (They were wearing Uggs out there way before you were.) Just follow the guys and girls changing in and out of their wetsuits. As Bruce reminisced last night about going to the Osprey bar in Manasquan in the 1970s, it could be a life changing event. Wow: UPDATE: I totally missed the part where awesome celebrity chef and Chopped judge Aaron Sanchez is the chef for Worship and Showboat's new restaurant Crossroads. My stars are definitely aligned! Love that guy.

And here's Bruce doing Seaside Bar Song from the last time the tour stopped in Philadelphia. (And one note about Gov. Christie's pathetic plea to have Bruce play Revel (#meetmeinAC). Bruce did play the song Atlantic City last night, but it was widely known (from Matt Katz's story) that Christie is going to tonight's show. No doubt, Bruce, who already has ignored Christie's plea to play at his inauguration (the B Street cover band did instead) played it last night just to spite the Governor. If he plays it again tonight, with the Governor in attendance, it might be considered a tease. But maybe Bruce'll return to Boardwalk Hall, that's one of those places with soul he writes about in Wrecking Ball which hasn't been torn down. 

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