Say it ain't so, Snooki

Well, not only isn't MTV's Jersey Shore coming to Sea Isle City (totally bogus rumor), but looks like Snooki and the gang are hitting the road to warmer climes. Kind of a dis, don't you think? Will the show even make sense filmed outside of Jersey? Are their antics really just generically-ridiculous? Can you just take the Jersey out of Jersey Shore? Will they be like Miss America, the other TV shore babe who left Jersey, and end up in Vegas? Or will they just blend into a bunch of other girls-guys-gone-wild in Florida over spring break? In any case, MTV announced today the entire cast would return for a second season, to be filmed very soon in a warm weather city somewhere TBD. Presumably, this does not rule out a post-Memorial Day return to the JRZ, where _ I mean, look at this picture _ they clearly belong.