Sandy in Ventnor at daybreak: Ocean Meets the Dunes UPDATE: Route 40 into Atlantic City shut down because of flooding

UPDATE: Route 40 headed into Atlantic City has been shut down already this morning due to flooding. This is usually the first road to flood during storms. All roads into Atlantic City and downbeach will be shut down at 4 p.m., when the mandatory evacuation of Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, Longport goes into effect. Atlantic City is maintaining shelters for people who stay

Morning and high tide coincided Sunday and while I woke up relieved to see the storm's track a bit north _ nothing against anybody up there _ it was sobering to walk out to the beach. The sky screams nor'easter inside of a hurricane, doesn't it? The frothy sea foam of the high tide can still be seen coming up into the walkway, newly fashioned by the Army Corps this summer, along with some monster dunes. The winds were gusting a bit, and the light had that pregnant with hurricane glow. One of my neighbors who had been planning to stay made other plans after seeing the ocean already all the way into the dunes. Of course, the tide will soon recede. And be back this evening for its next photo opportunity. Below is a video of the view, from Atlantic City to the pier in Ventnor. Feel free to follow me on Weather channel is on board with the E Street Scenario, with Sandy making landfall near Asbury Park with a double barrelled punch. Impressive.