Happy 4th Weekend and here are your really big weird Jellyfish

Well, it's July, the first of FIVE July weekends this year, something that hasn't happened in more than 8-- years. Yippee! And the water's warm! And the jellyfish are running. As the little boy said to me as he passed me on his way from the beach, "THERE ARE THESE REALLY BIG WHITE JELLYFISH ON THE BEACH!" So weird, he had to tell someone, anyone. But he was right:

That was a relatively small one, about the size of a coffee saucer. The others I saw were big momma dinner plate, full moon weirdness. Or, as my sister-in-law, a midwife, said, "Very placenta-like."


The water has been unusually warm for the last month or so, which tends to bring out the jellyfish. Biut it's all so early. Jellyfish are usually a late summer phenomenon. Awfully early for so much weirdness. What do we call this one the lung jellyfish? The buttocks Jellyfish? 



Once more, with feeling. Be gone, strange weird jellyfish. The water's warm, and we want to swim and frolick on our fourth of July without worrying about freaky jellyfish. Here is a little video of the fish.