RIP, Margate Deer?

A deer that wandered into Atlantic City early Friday met its demise when an Atlantic City Police Officer shot and killed the animal after it was seen leaping over 6 foot high chainlink fences, running through residential yards and playgrounds and wandering through the porte-cochere at the old Atlantic City Hilton, according to Dan Good and Lynda Cohen of the Press of Atlantic City. Could it be? Could it be the one and the same deer that had wandered onto Absecon Island in the spring, and was videotaped running up and down Margate streets (no doubt vexed by the incomprehensible system of one way and dead end streets)? The famous Margate deer, seen in the video below, mostly had been seen hanging around the marshes near the Margate-Ventnor border, and was theorized to have swum or walked to Absecon Island, where it was treated as a rare and beautiful apparition on the island, where foxes and rabbits and aging surfers are also known to hang out these days. Most feared the deer would meet his demise by being, sadly, a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. But, assuming it's the same deer, it was an ill-conceived trip to Atlantic City that led to its end. No way to know apparently for sure if it was the same deer, but time will probably tell. RIP, whichever deer you are.