Plenty of summer left to connect with nature!

Don’t let the cooler than usual weather fool you — there’s still plenty of summer left at the New Jersey Shore. And plenty of places where you and your family can connect with nature and wildlife before most of the birds and sea creatures migrate to warmer climates for the winter.

One of my favorite spots for this is the Nature Center of Cape May, at 1600 Delaware Avenue, Cape May. Run by the New Jersey Audubon, the place sits right on the Cape May Harbor and has a terrific view.

But the fabulous programming at this all-weather facility is the really cool thing. A lot of what they have is free, including an observation tower, an indoor lounge area, art exhibits, a nature store, touch tanks and aquariums, a children’s play area, and a discovery garden. It’s not a big place, but there’s a lot packed into it.

Paid programs include summer camps for kids and harbor safaris for families and night fishing trips for anglers.

There is also a fun Cape May Harbor and Salt Marsh Cruise that runs on Thursdays at 6 p.m. from the nearby Miss Chris Marina and costs $27 for adults and $15 for children. Also on Fridays, a Cape May Birding Cruise is offered that meets at 10 a.m. at the Miss Chris Marina and costs $26 for adults and $15 for children. On both cruises, children under 6 years are free.

Check out their complete list of events and activities at Or call at 609-898-8848.