Oh those wacky Stone Harbor shoobies

So I'm minding my own business inside the Hoy's in Stone Harbor, looking for story ideas and scoring, finally, an updated version of Scategories, and this group of people brush past me breathlessly, stick a camera into my hands, whip out funny sunglasses and ask me to take their picture. Wookay. Multi-generational enthusiasm on the streets of a Jersey shore beach town? This means only one thing: shoobies! 

So I take the picture, exchange rolled eyes with the store clerk, get some vague explanation that they're engaged in a game, and they disappear. I move on, looking for story ideas and scoring, nostalgically, an old barrel of monkees game. Cool.

But people like this do not just appear in your life once and go away. No, they come back again and again. Such enthusiasm! It turns out these are the  wacky Greco, Roessler and Peak families of Doylestown. 

But that guy in the middle is Michael Herbert of Staten Island, N.Y. He was spotted for the distinction of being "an adult wearing crocs" which was one of 57 different things on their scavenger hunt list they had two hours to complete on unsuspecting people and things along Stone Harbor's 96th Street strip. He took it well, like, whatever, sure take my picture, agreeably putting aside any thoughts that there was a vaguely mocking context to fitting any of the list's criteria. Here' a photo of the family with another unsuspecting target: man walking a dog. People are very cooperative in Stone Harbor.

Shannon Peak, who is holding the list up there, said the families do it every year during their shore vacation, and then in a few weeks, get together back up in Doylestown for a barbecue and compare results, pick a winner. The winner gets some kind of Mr. Potato Head dressed like Darth Vader, which she called like Darth Vaderhead, or Mr. Potato Vader, I forget. Cathy Greco, in tie die, above, is the mastermind behind the list, which commands the teams to find and take their pictures with a bald guy pulling their finger, someone in East Coast College Gear, something about fudge and, of course, the adult wearing crocs, among other things. Seems to take a big chunk out of a nice beach day to me, and today, in the rain, maybe they were questioning their timing, but they seemed to be having fun. Actually, they seemed to be having a crazy fun good time. Here's another of the families streaking (not that kind of streaking, streaking, like moving fast) down 96th Street. I only caught them from behind, but I recognized the list.

Well, whatever. Here's to you, Grecco, Roessler and Peak families of Doylestown. You go ahead and make the Jersey shore your wacky playground. We are happy to be your props. Personally, I liked this other game I saw being played yesterday in Stone Harbor: The I dropped my ice scream scoop of my cone and now am wondering if the 5 second rule applies to a scoop of ice scream on the sidewalk at the shore. I would've said, definitely. But the group of girls I saw couldn't quite get their fingers around the ice scream in time to satisfy their concerns. And so, sadly, they had to leave the scoop behind:


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