Jersey Shore, MTV Style: Meet the Guidos

Oh alright, having sat out on the Housewives of New Jersey chit chat, I guess I'll weigh in on this latest television insult to Jersey, MTV's upcoming "Jersey Shore!" reality show. This one looks completely ridiculous in the "not my Jersey" way that gets our resident outraged Jersey blogger, Jersey Shore Jen Miller very riled up. But, as the trailer for the Dec. 3d premiere pleads, don't be a hater, Jen. It's all in ripped muscle, stained under the arms T-shirt, big hair, girls throwing punches, any-other-groaner-cliches-MTV? Jersey good fun, yes? I've never seen these types anywhere from LBI on south. If they exist at all, these characters are right out of North Jersey, from their accents (hair rhymes with yeah), to their actual right out of the 80s hair to their self-proclaimed guido-ness. Stay tuned, I guess, if that's what it takes to get you over your shore-less winter.