Island in the Sun

Suddenly, it was sunny. After an all day Danny deluge that, frankly, lacked the epic drama that KYW seemed to want it so badly to have (David Madden, you're the best, but telling people to stay out of the surf when it's pouring out is just, kind of dumb. I mean, we're staying out of the surf. Not only that, we're headed to Best Buy.) Anyway, around 5 p.m., it seemed to dawn on every one that it was suddenly a gorgeous day out. And so as the sun set over our shoulders and the moon rose over the ocean, and, kind of unfortunately, the lifeguards headed home, everyone, it seemed hit the beach and boardwalk. Even the lamest of boogie boarders (me) could catch a big ride this evening. And little chick boogie boarders (my daughter) finally felt the call of the surf board. The water was tres warm, the sky was sunset streaked and it was a happy island in the sun. Here's Weezer, at last September's Borgata show, doing a Jersey version of their (hip hip) happy song. Here's to an awesome found evening on the beach.