If you thought this spring seemed really hot … then you were correct!

Climatological spring ended on June 1, and this year marked one of the hottest on record in the northeast, according to Jessica Rennells, a climatologist and extension support specialist at the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University.

Some 35 stations within the region – from Caribou, Maine, down to Dulles, Virginia, and as far west as Huntington, West Virginia – report weather temperatures to the Cornell center for analysis. Scientists study the findings to determine possible patterns and climate changes.

“All of the first order stations in the Northeast ranked in their top three warmest springs; 28 of the 35 had their warmest spring on record,” Rennells said, referring to stations that monitor a wide variety of weather variables around the clock.

Rennells said the warmer than usual trend has continued for more than a year at 15 of the stations, where above normal temperatures have continued for at least 13 consecutive months.

No word on what all this bodes for the coming summer months at the Jersey Shore – traditionally a very hot time.