Gov. Christie vows to enact sports betting in A.C., drinks a Yuengling at the Irish Pub and says he 'not buying into' the idea that A.C. is dangerous

So that's Irish Pub owner Cathy Burke, God love her, she offered to buy drinks and food for the entire press and security corps with Gov. Christie. Gov. Christie was in town to sooth the nerves of a jittery city a few days after the stabbing deaths of two Canadian tourists in broad daylight and just a day before Memorial Day. As the DO AC folks handed out free popcorn and shirts, Christie said he'd be forging ahead with sports betting regulations in defiance of the federal ban. He wants the sports book legal in A.C. in time for football season. 

He dismissed the idea that Atlantic City is a dangerous place, and said he was not giving in to the perception that tourists are not safe. "I'm not buying into that," he said. "We're never going to try to justify senseless acts of violence that happenned recently," he said. "But things are much better. "

"I'm not going to surrendor to that perception," he said, though he acknowledged that some of the negative perception of the city is earned, some not. As to the headline in the Daily News this week, Tourist Deathtrap, he said. "I don't ever care much what Philadelphia thinks of New Jersey."

He said he and Mary Pat and their kids would be spending part of their Memorial Day weekend at Revel. And as for his efforts to get Bruce Springsteen to play in Atlantic City, he said he has yet to hear back from the Boss. "No, he hasn't called me," he said.