God Bless Dino's and A Last Look at Longport before (Sandy)

God Bless Dino's. Just like before Hurricane Irene, they were manning the Formica rolls and churning out subs pre-Sandy and vowing to stay open. It was kind of sad, and the talk was a lot about the late owner Leo Heintzelman, who vowed never to close, ever, and joyfully made subs during Irene, but who died just a month later. 

Meanwhile, a lot of people were clearing out. Casinos were emptying. Gov. Christie was calling people who were hunkering down on the islands "stupid" and advising we all go watch football for a couple hours. I have to say, I know a lot of people around Ventnor and Margate who are planning to stay, on the theory that they can ride it out. Well, as they say, time will tell. A stream of cars headed out of town, but also into town for one last look before Sandy at that most vulnerable piece of Jersey Shore real estate: the tip of Longport, the one that stops at 11th Street because sometime a long time ago the waves swallowed up blocks one through ten. LONG LIVE 11th Street. Videos below. Please follow on twiiter @amysrosenberg.