Flexing its Jersey-ness, Revel gets its own exit

So a sure sign that Revel is feeling right at home in Jersey as it gets ready for its not-so-soft opening April 2 (website crashing, ball intrigue mounting) is that it has asserted its ownership over an entire section of Atlantic City formerly known as the South Inlet and now, apparently, known as Revel Beach. It even got its own sign on the Atlantic City Expressway! Exit 1, not quite as catchy as the Exit Zero branding down in Cape May, but not too bad. (And, by the way, Exit 1 will also get you to Trump Plaza and Caesars and the Walk, not to mention Angelo's Fairmount Tavern, and, frankly, Revel is still a mile or two up Pacific Ave from there.) Meanwhile, Wayne Parry appears to have solved the riddle of the Revel ball, and, naturally, it involves, indirectly, the Riddler from Batman and a crumpled piece of pizza wrapper. Speaking of food, I learned yesterday that Jose Garces is literally cloning his Guapos Tacos Truck (lately parked at LOVE Park) and will park it on the Revel casino floor. All I can say is, Go for the Duck, and hopefully they won't run out of Esquites, the sweet corn with queso fresco.