Finally, a kicking beach weekend

This photo is from Saturday night over the Ventnor back bays, since the sun has not yet set tonight as I write this, but what a beautiful weekend it was. Finally. Two great beach days. Saturday was like suddenly full-out summer, a hot land breeze blowing in from the bay, warm water, crowded beaches, streets lit up at night with sidewalk dining. It was like I was back in the land of the living, and glad of it. Some beaches toward the south end, already narrowed by erosion, were a pretty comically tight wall-to-wall squeeze when I walked by them during high tide on Saturday afternoon. Kind of amusing. Ventnor lifeguards were busy on Saturday, with an impressive rescue of about five people on some kind of field trip from Egg Harbor City who did not respond to repeated whistles to come in from too far out. They sent out a lifeguard boat, a lifeguard jet ski, three lifeguards swimming and hauled the people back to shore in the boat. The people seemed more shaken than embarrassed which makes me think they really did need rescuing. Nicely done. State police on the water were also ready to pounce, pulling over (stopping in mid water?) errant jet skiers in the back bays and having none of any excuses. Or so I'm told. Let's just say, tickets were written, moods were spoiled. Sunday was cooler, nice breeze, but the sun held out very nicely all afternoon. Unlike the United States men's soccer team.

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