DMB Caravan Site Map (Exit 2 will be closed, man)

Here's your cool site map for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan, which takes over the old Bader Field airstrip off Route 40/Albany Avenue this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Atlantic City. Great pre-DMB lineup beginning at 1 p.m. each day, three hour block of Dave Matthews each night from 8 to 11. Not sure I understand the street names in this map, other than Boardwalk, guess it's a holdover from some other city. Should be interesting to see how the old resort holds up under the pressure of a three-day jam festival, should be nothing considering that only about 35,000 people are expected each day, compared to, say, 750,000 for the annual airshow. Still, Exit Two off the Expressway will be shut down, and Albany Avenue will be shut down at varying times, sometimes just one lane, to allow the big walk to and walk back from the festival each day. Get your Margate bridge passes handy, shoobies.


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