Boardwalk car chase, now in video

So it's been a pretty wild week, inside the newsroom and out, uptown on the Boardwalk and down. On Monday, you may recall, news crews descended on the Boardwalk near the Inlet to film all the people coming to see the new Revel casino. Meanwhile, the real news was at the other end of the Boardwalk, where a Staten Island man led police on a high speed chase before heading for the Expressway, where, law abiding citizen that he was, he stopped to pay the toll and was apprehended. The police 911 audio is here and is pretty entertaining. Luckily nobody was hurt. Luckily, there were surveillance cameras which captured the fun time on the Boardwalk for all to see. If I had stuck to my original plan to ride my bike to Revel, I myself might have stumbled upon this wacky police chase on my way home. Then again, I might have gotten run over by a car on the Boardwalk, no easy feat. H/T Brian P. Hickey, via Ted Greenberg at Channel 10/NBC News.