A pie in the face

OCEAN CITY — To be a smoosher or to be smooshed? That is the question.

Oh, what would Hamlet do?

Don’t contemplate it too long, though, at least not at the Doo Dah Weekend event called “Pie-asco” scheduled for Saturday,<NO1>4/14<NO> immediately following the resort’s annual Doo Dah Parade. The parade begins at noon at the corner of Sixth and Asbury.

The highly successful Doo Dah Parade, which was the brainchild of PR guru Mark Soifer more than 30 years ago and draws thousands to this Cape May County resort every year, has spawned an entire weekend of events built around the idea of letting your freak flag fly — in a completely G-rated way, of course. After all, this is “America’s Greatest Family Resort.”

Pie-asco may just provide the perfect pinnacle of messy pandemonium. Participants will arm themselves with shaving cream pies and at the precise moment that the widow of old-time comedian Soupy Sales gives the signal, smoosh one another in the face.

Would you like to be smooshed or be a smoosher? Or maybe both?

For more information, contact Ocean City’s public relations department at 609-525-9300 or msoifer@hotmail.com.