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POSTED: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 8:25 AM

Soooo, here at the Shore, we're waiting for the ball to drop. The Revel Ball that is. It's not easy to shroud something in mystery that's visible for miles, but here you have it. Is it a giant golf ball resting on a (horizontal) tee? Is it a skee ball? Does it move? Does it light up (it better)? Why isn't it pictured in original renderings of the monster and monsterly-anticipated new Casino Resort that's about a month away from bringing me Jose Garces Guapos Tacos and Amada, I mean, opening at the northeastern end of the Boardwalk? Is it supposed to remind early risers of the fact that the island itself is on a slight angle and so the sun actually and enigmatically rises at that end of the island? Here's a shot from the the beach somewhere mid-Island, with more clues below:

 CEO Kevin DeSanctis said on a conference call that the ball was the brand, and would (eventually) come to symbolize Revel, which is marketing itself heavily as a cool beach resort perfect for conferences and meetings (and eating). He said it would stand in place of putting another calling card of neon red letters at the top of another big (the biggest) building along the Boardwalk. Far out and abstract, dude. PR Chief Maureen Siman said in a message: "We are not 'unveiling' The Ball until at least after Preview on April 2. In terms of what it does, we're really trying to keep it 'under wraps' for as long as possible (agree or disagree - its kind of hard to hide right!)." 

Photos of Revel, Atlantic City
This photo of Revel is courtesy of TripAdvisor
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POSTED: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 3:18 PM

It was a bad idea, poorly executed. And it made people nuts! The chain link fence with the barbed wire that was erected along the sides of the Garden State Parkway just north of the Great Egg Harbor Bridge is coming down. Basically, all it did was spend $250,000 of the public's money to turn a bucolic and iconic view of the bay on your way down the shore into a prison camp. It was ug-ly.

But this week, at the annual cape May County transporation conference, the entire county was liberated from the psychic gloominess of that fence. State Sen. jeff Van Drew said the New Jersey Turnpike Authority has agreed to tear down the fence _ in 2013 so you'll have all summer to tsk, tsk on your way South - when it completely rebuilds the southband span of the bridge. Cape May County freeholders had gone on record asking for the fence to be removed immediately because it was not in keeping with the image of the shore they hope tourists will embrace after the EZ Pass takes their money (pretty, restful, not-imprisoned). The authority defended the fencing - part of a $7 million project that fenced in a ten bridges - as an anti-terrorism measure. But people hated it, just as they will probably hate the new fencing on the Atlantic City Expressway, which at least has a "save the deer and other animals from becoming roadkill" rationale. 

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