Fumo down the Shore, redux

Blog Image 315617 - rosenberg
from the Johnny's Cafe website, one of its star sightings. No pix of Fumo, but that looks like Steve Schirripa, a.k.a Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri

Ah Vince, how we love you down the shore. And how you love the shore back! And we will miss you too, after you get sentenced, now scheduled for Tuesday. We loved trying to find your condo on the bay in Ventnor, and finding a parking space out front that said "Reserved for Senator." Who will park there now? How we loved all those conspiracy theories over the years that it was you, and your power, and your money that was behind the effort to stop the sand dunes from being built in Ventnor, and how awesome it was when testimony in your trial left little doubt that those conspiracy theories were true!!! Who will fight to get rid of those pesky sand dunes now? Actually, another awesome if less bullying power broker, the bobble-headed-into-immortality Pinky Kravitz is on that case, in Atlantic City. Then, just days before your sentencing, you propose to your girlfriend, Carolyn Zinni. Where? Down the Shore, of course. Of course, there is that awkward matter of you walking into Johnny's Cafe in Margate while the Inquirer's Craig Laban was there reviewing the place. Of all the gin joints, Vince... How awesome for Laban, who got to write that he saw you "strolling in for a meal of blackened scallops, crab cakes, and old-fashioned ricotta pie." Of course, then the prosecutors got to quote from that review, and cited it as evidence that your heart and other health problems should not be considered a mitigating factor in your sentencing. Bummer. "Judging by this menu, and as Fumo's medical records confirm, his heart disease is well in check," federal prosecutors John Pease and Robert Zauzmer wrote. Oh well. Probably should have skipped the ricotta pie. In any case, your photo has not yet been posted on the "Star Sightings" page of the Johnny's Cafe website, above, but we'll be monitoring it for an update. Hope to see you down here again soon.