Get a Brazilian

No, not a Brazilian wax, which my Daily News compadre Jason Nark wrote so compellingly about when the State of New Jersey was flirting with banning, before reconsidering after much outcry from the tiny bikini crowd. And not even a Brazilian hair straightening, which apparently can be accomplished free of formaldehyde these days, or so I'm told. No, here in Sea Isle City, the venerable Dalrymple's is selling what they call a Brazillan beach chair. Which they offer in two varieties: the "2 Pos" one which is 2 positions for $15.49, or the "5-7 Pos" one, for $17.49. Me, I always prefer at least five to seven for my beach chairs. From what I could tell from the display, Brazilian chairs are distinguished by their very sleek profile on the canvas sling, for which you would need to be rather narrow to fit on one. Sounds about right. And if you can snag a Brazilian soccer player to go with it, so much the better.

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