Foggy beach

It's been a strange spring, hasn't it? First, we had that monster shore weekend in April, everyone acting like it was mid-July. I mean, everyone came down, put on the suit, set up the chairs, forgot the sunscreen, got sunburned and even bought ice cream. A few brave souls, including this one, went into the ocean. Because, you know, when it's like this last weekend in April, you HAVE to go in the ocean. Chilly, but lovely. Then, as everyone knows and has extensively documented in facebook stati, it rained and rained and rained. This was not a bad thing, because I got carried away during that April heat wave and planted a bunch of flowers, even though I know that late April, early May is usually way to early near the beach to think about annuals. But they are looking great. Today, we had all the weather. It was foggy, then the sun came out and it was buggy, then the wind shifted and it was beautiful, then the fog rolled in and it was kind of cool, then it shifted and the beach was foggy but it was clear near the ocean, and now it's sunny again, the fog's kind of hanging around. Don't know what this means for Memorial Day and beyond, but nobody can complain after getting that insane jump on the season.

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