Frosty at the Shore

Blog Image 315617 - rosenberg
Just hanging on the Boardwalk


We got our share of snow at the shore overnight, a good ten inches or so and it's still snowing. At least one cross country skier was spotted this morning on the Boardwalk. Driving down the Atlantic City Expressway last night was like being transported either in place, to a Vermont back country road, or in time, to the 19th Century before there even was an Atlantic City Expressway. Visibility was almost nonexistent between Blue Anchor and the Egg Harbor Tolls, but that did not stop the handful of people with pressing business in Atlantic City, including a couple of limos either transporting some real risk takers or, more likely, returning back from getting someone the heck out of there. This morning, with a snow day at last, shore kids looked for any kind of incline on the flat barrier islands to get some sledding in. Boardwalk ramps are an old standby, but this year, my kids found a new, steeper thrill. With the wind blowing toward the beach, the steps leading to the porch at the nuns house on our block were nicely covered with snow, and a quick ride down on a sled was like a winter version of the log flume at Jilian's in Ocean City. The sand dunes were their next stop.

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