Tuna head has a story

How a tuna head ended up on the beach in Brigantine left some folks wondering. Photo: Annelise Gambardello

Visitors to Brigantine's 4x4 North Beach recently encountered a tuna's head looking very much like a shoobie buried up to his neck in the same.

Where did it come from and where was the rest of it? folks wondered. This was no small tuna and certainly not something an angler would catch in the surf.

Someone knew and in the latest edition of the Brigantine Times,  Andy Grossman, the newspaper's fishing correspondent and owner of Riptide Bait and Tackle, reported that the 225-pound bluefin tuna washed up in the surf, dead but injury free and looking rather fresh.

It took a half-dozen guys to load it into a truck and they took it to Grossman's shop, where it was weighed.

There was some talk of eating the tuna and they took it back to the beach to cut it up, Grossman said. But after some additional consideration, it was decided that eating it was not such a good idea. Instead, the meat was taken to the  Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine, where Grossman and crew were told it would be used to feed some turtles in the center's care.

The head was left behind and while one would think gulls would have feasted on it, they kept their distance.

- Joseph A. Gambardello