Wynn Philadelphia's River Walk

Team Wynn will meet perhaps its toughest critics tonight when it sits down with the board of the Central Delaware Advocacy Group from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at 2424 Studios, 2424 York St. in Fishtown.

CDAG, for short, is made up of neighborhood associations that see themselves as advocates of the central Delaware master plan. What’s that? In case you’re new to town, it was an impressive civic exercise five years ago to articulate what the people of Philadelphia would like to see happen along the waterfront.

Dozens of meetings resulted in a master plan that has core elements, foremost being making the waterfront as accessible to the public as possible.

Steve Wynn’s plan will have a river walk with a cafe, ice cream stand and bike rentals. Here’s his latest rendering of what it could look like.

But whatever you do, don't call the River Walk a boardwalk. In a telephone interview today, Wynn explained: "This is all landscape and trees. It takes on a completely different look. When you bring the lush landscaping that close, you don't get a boardwalk look."

And why the one-story garage? "I went with one level of parking because when people enter the garage, I wanted it to be completely enclosed and indoors. Everyone can get out of a car without a cost. It will be heated in the winter."

"The ground level parking makes it totally convenient for someone to drive to the part of the project they want to enjoy," he said.