PGCB hearing on second license

Casino-Free Philadelphia weighs in before start of today's hearing before the PA Gaming Control Board:

Residents from communities where a casino has been proposed by bidders for Philadelphia’s second casino license will monitor the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s (PGCB) meeting at the Convention Center on February 12th. They will look for transparency in the process, completeness of each applicant’s proposal, and assurances that protections for those suffering from gambling addiction are in place.

“For a decision that’s so important to the city, the process is very secretive,” said Emily Brown, a resident of the Art Museum District where Bart Blatstein has proposed to build a casino.  “The Gaming Board doesn’t make it easy to tell how they are judging these applications and how they’re making the decision. What are the rules? Are there any rules?”

The PGCB has posted the application forms and parts of the applications by the six bidders on its web site, but it has not posted complete applications. It also has not posted clear criteria for judging the applications.

“How are we supposed to know if the PGCB is doing its job if they won’t tell us how decisions are being made? The real decisions are being made behind closed doors as usual,” said Rich Garella, a resident of South Philadelphia.