What does Mayor Nutter want?


Right now, everyone is promising the moon and the stars with their casino plans.

But what does Mayor Nutter want?

That's a critical question and one that will get an airing at a special hearing Sept. 24. The new chairman of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board told me in an interview May 5 that the board will listen closely to what Philadelphia officials have to say about each project.

Investments of this size - ranging from $367 million to $900 million - are rare. Mayor Nutter's economic team has hired an economic consultant to weigh each proposal and come up with pros and cons. Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger and his crew have made it clear that they want to be able to leverage a second casino to get the most economic bang for the bucks. 

So will that mean a South Philadelphia casino? The Delaware River waterfront? Or Center City?

Stay tuned. This is going to be one hearing that you don't want to miss. Mark your calendar for 11 a.m., Sept. 24, Pennsylvania Convention Center.