Wynn Philadelphia site plan

Steve Wynn sent this new rendering of the River Walk for his proposed Fishtown casino on the Delaware River waterfront.

But the most talked about feature of his site plan, unveiled last week, is a 20-acre parking area with a green roof.

In a phone interview from Las Vegas Thursday, Wynn said he decided to put all the parking on one level as a convenience to customers. Whether bound for the casino, restaurants, hotel or River Walk, patrons could drive to their destination, he said.

For customers, “ground-level parking makes it totally convenient to drive to the part of the project that they want to enjoy,” he said. “In a drive-in market, access is everything.” The heated facility, he explained, would not be a “clunky garage sticking out.”

“The reason you don’t see the garage,” Wynn said, “is it’s surrounded by trees and it’s dropped about two or three feet below grade.”

The proposed green roof, meanwhile, is meant as a green design feature for customers sitting by windows at second-floor restaurants or meeting rooms.

The public, however, will not be able to walk on the roof. “I don’t want people wandering through the restaurant garden when someone is having dinner there,” Wynn said.

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