Clarke confident about Team Canada

Former Flyers general manager Bob Clarke talked about Team Canada's chances in Olympic hockey on Wednesdasy morning at the Flyers' training facility in Voorhees, N.J.

Q: Can you talk about Canada’s loss to USA?

“The loss to the U.S. just caused Canada to play one extra game against a better opponent. I think when you are in a one-loss knockout there shouldn’t be a favorite anyway, even though the Canadians were considered the favorite. There are five or six teams who could easily win it.”

Q: Do you think Canada’s loss to USA hurt their confidence?

“I don’t think the loss bothers them a bit. I think they kind of blamed their goalie. They took Brodeur out and are going to play Luongo now. That took the heat off the rest of the team.”

Q: How do you think Canada will finish this tournament?

“I think they still have a good as chance as anybody else to get a gold medal. It never was a sure thing. But I think they are a terrific team and I think they will get a medal, for sure and I hope the gold.”