Trump cancels his sideshow

So Donald Trump is not running for president, after all, but staying with NBC so he can continue to bark "You're fired" at B- and C-list types on NBC's "The Celebrity Apprentice."

The Donald -- can we still call him that? -- made his big announcement today before advertisers at NBC's 2011-12 schedule unveiling.

And here, according to NBC, which transcribed it for posterity, is what he said:

"I'd like to thank Brian [Roberts, of Comcast], Steve [Burke] and Bob [Greenblatt, NBC's entertainment chairman].

"Terrific guys. NBC has been amazing. This will be our 12th season, and I have to say, I love 'Celebrity Apprentice.' We’ve raised tens of millions of dollars for charity. We’ve never raised so much as we have in the last season. And after getting so many calls from Bob and from Steve and everybody, I’ve decided that we are going to continue onward with 'Celebrity Apprentice.' We're going to continue making lots and lots of money for charity. I will not be running for president, as much as I'd like to, and I want to thank everybody very much. Thank you very much. Gonna see you for a great season."

So that's it. The circus has left town. Keep moving. Nothing to see here, folks.