Showtime standalone service will cost less than HBO's

Katie Holmes and Liev Schreiber in a scene from the coming season of Shwotime's "Ray Donovan."

In another bid for the business of cord-cutters -- and those who no longer watch TV on TV -- Showtime will add a standalone streaming service to be available on Apple devices early next month.

At $10.99, it will be cheaper than the $14.99 HBO  currently charges for HBO Now, though there's speculation that the premium cable giant, which launched its standalone service in April, may be reconsidering a price point that puts it at nearly twice the cost of a basic Netflix subscription (and which apparently hasn't stopped the problem of illegal downloads of shows like "Game of Thrones").

Launching next month would also give Showtime an opportunity to highlight the Season 3 premieres of "Masters of Sex" and "Ray Donovan," both scheduled for July 12.

"Additional platforms and providers will be announced soon," according to a statement from Showtime Wednesday.





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