Remote Possibilities: ABC News in Philly school, Paterno reps on NBC Sports

Philadelphia's Strawberry Mansion High's in the spotlight Wednesday (and probably not in the best way) as ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer reports on "Hidden America: Our Most Dangerous Schools" during her evening newscast (6:30 p.m., 6ABC) and later on "Nightline" (12:35 a.m., 6ABC).

The report, delayed a couple of times by breaking news, has Sawyer taking "viewers inside what has been officially labeled one of the most dangerous high schools in America and reveals what it’s like to teach, to learn and to try to gain a foothold in life there."

In other less-than-upbeat news, Bob Costas revisits the Freeh Report on Penn State's handling of the Jerry Sandusky case on "Costas Tonight" (11 p.m., NBC Sports Network), with former Gov. Dick Thornburgh, who wrote a review of the report,  Wick Sollers, who represents the family of the late Penn State head coach Joe Paterno and Paterno family spokesman Dan McGinn among the guests.

During the program, recorded Tuesday, Sollers announced a suit against the NCAA  on behalf of Paterno's estate  and a number of individuals, arguing that the consent decree that resulted from the Freeh Report was unlawful.







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