On Dobbs: the facts and 'the flaps'

CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein's tap-dancing as fast as he can as he attempts to explain why Lou Dobbs is devoting so much time to questions about President Obama's birth certificate.

"There are the facts and there are the flaps," says Klein. "There is no doubt" that Obama was born in Hawaii [and is thus a native-born citizen], but there are also people who don't believe it.

"What Lou's done," according to Klein, is to host people with a wide range of views on the subject.

"He's exploring the issue, but the facts are a settled issue," Klein said. "We're expected by our viewers to do the reporting, present the facts and a range of points of view."

Asked about his position on the "birther" story, CNN's John King said,"I think that we live in a world where there are conversations going on...that occasionally reach a point at which if you're a political reporter...they're worth keeping an eye on."

 "If people still think something that is not true," then maybe CNN isn't being clear enough, he said.