No, non, nyet...

One of the people who might have the most to gain from the cancellation of NBC's "The Jay Leno Show" has nothing to say.

In seven different languages.

"Law & Order" producer Dick Wolf, here for PBS to tout a film on "When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors," which will premiere on the network May 26, said afterward that he had no comment on the Leno-Conan O'Brien situation.

But as usual, the University of Pennsylvania grad had come prepared.

Wolf's famous for carrying notes for press conference in a pocket and pulling them out and reading them from the stage. (Usually, they're stats proving that the "L&O" franchise is bigger than "American Idol" and the Oscars put together. Or something like that -- let's face it, numbers confuse me.)

But when I asked Wolf  just now what he had in his pocket, he pulled out a sheet with the phrase "no comment" printed on it in seven different languages.

NBC Universal entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin this weekend was talking about a possible new "L&O" franchise, set in Los Angeles (and already affectionately dubbed "LOLA") as well as the likelihood of a record 21st season for the mothership, which hasn't always gotten so much love from the network in recent years.

But with five new hours opening up at 10 p.m. -- at least some of them likely to go to scripted programming, new or existing -- Wolf would seem to be in a strong position.

Noting that he never comments on this sort of thing, he finally offered up a crumb on the situation:

"I'm sorry for everybody's pain," he said.