More 'Mad Men' to come, promises AMC

We won't see Season 5 of "Mad Men" until next March -- production gets under way a week from Monday -- but AMC's already ordered Season 6, according to network programming exec Joel Stillerman.

Stillerman also confirmed reports that Jon Hamm, who stars as "Mad Men's" Don Draper, will make his directorial debut in the fifth-season premiere.

And while he was confirming things, he also noted the departure of executive producer  Frank Darabont from "The Walking Dead" and the elevation of one of the show's writers, Glenn Mazzara, to Darabont's role as showrunner.

It's been a "seamless transition" and "production isn't going to miss a beat" on the zombie show, which returns Oct. 16.

Translation: Nothing to see here, folks! Keep moving.

As for Darabont, who's not yet publicly weighed in: "We're grateful for his contributions."