Kenneth Branagh's book club

CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" may have Laurence Fishburne, but PBS' "Masterpiece: Mystery!" has Kenneth Branagh, who'll be starring this year in an atmospheric new detective series called "Wallander," based on the novels of Sweden's Henning Mankell.

Which, I confess, I've never read. Or until recently even heard of.

So after talking with Branagh a bit after the press conference about his own favorite "Mystery!" detectives, I asked for some recommendations for pre-"Wallander" reading, since one of the trickiest things about the genre is figuring out where to start when you start with a new author.

His recommendation, "Faceless Killers," isn't, alas, yet available for my Kindle -- hey, I'm all about the instant gratification -- but it's an intriguing title, no?