'Jon & Kate': Separate chairs, separate pieces

TLC president Eileen O'Neill's worried enough about "Jon & Kate Plus 8" questions interfering with sessions she's doing -- including, one, a wedding show called "Masters of Reception," produced by Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos -- so she reads a short statement about her channel's high-rated train wreck.

Here's some of what you can expect when the show returns to original episodes on Monday:

-- The couch is gone," replaced by "separate interview chairs" for Pennsylvania's Jon and Kate Gosselin, who filed for divorce several weeks ago.

-- "You'll be seeing them separately parenting," says O'Neill.

-- Kate's going to pitch a tent for the kids, presumably without adult assistance.

-- Jon's going to be "struggling in the kitchen" to prepare pizza.

        "This is real life," said O'Neill, whose idea of real life -- an existence that takes place largely on camera, no matter how ugly things get -- might be different from yours or mine.

         As for Ripa's show, she calls it -- via satellite -- "a love note to New Jersey."

         Though she and Consuelos eloped, the show focuses on a family catering business in Mountain Lakes, N.J., that specializes in weddings.