Sarah Palin, Behar's in-her-dreams guest

Joy Behar's here promoting her new talk show for HLN (the Channel Formerly Known as Headline News), and (surprise, surprise), she'd love to have Sarah Palin on.

Easy to see why -- the former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee is bound to be a ratings magnet -- but hard to imagine Palin going along.

What, I asked, would Palin get out of an appearance on "The Joy Behar Show"?

"She might get a real conversation with another woman out of me," said Behar, whose new show, which launches Sept. 28, isn't expected to interfere with her work on ABC's "The View."

Behar's questions, though -- starting with why Palin couldn't list her reading when Katie Couric asked her last year -- didn't sound like anything likely to attract an interview.

"If she doesn't want to come, then...we'll get her maid or something," Behar tossed off. "Or baby sitter."

But maybe not Palin's former running mate, John McCain, whose campaign appearance on "The View" probably didn't go the way he'd expected, according to Behar.

He "might've thought it was a safe environment. It's a bunch of woman talking," she said. "He went in with his eyes closed."