Davy Jones, Sexy Singles success story

We're not saying that appearing in the Daily News can change your life, but that's how it worked for ex-Monkee Davy Jones.

Sort of.

Two summers ago, Jones, now 65, who's owned a farm in Beavertown, Pa., since the '80s, appeared in our  Sexy Singles section, tapped by our own Jenice Armstrong, who clearly looks for variety in her annual showcase and was even willing to go all the way to Snyder County to find a British pop star to provide it.

A month later, Jones married a Telemundo star named Jessica Pacheco, then 32.


"The reason I got married is because she looked at it and said, 'Oh -- I'd better say yes,"  Jones joked Saturday when I asked him about it following a PBS press conference for a December music special he's co-hosting, "'60s Pop Rock: My Music."

"But funny enough, two days ago, I was in my desk," sorting through papers and he came across the section. "I opened it up an I'm holding my saddle -- Sexy Singles, it's amazing. I'm actually going to have it framed, because it's a happy memory."

And if you've forgotten Jones as a Sexy Single, here's his 2009 video, saddle and all.



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