Nielsen: Women are from Venus, men are from Nintendo

This is going to seem obvious to a lot of you, but it turns out that some of the time guys spend NOT watching TV is spent in front of a TV set playing video games.

That's the latest word from Nielsen, which reports that time spent with "seventh-generation" gaming systems is helping to bridge the traditional gap between the amount of time women and men spend in front of the set.

""n March 2012, women aged 18-34 watched an average of 4 hours 11 minutes of TV per day, while men in the same demo logged 3 hours 34 minutes of TV time in homes with a 7th generation game console. Factor in daily time spent using a 7th generation game console; however, and the gender delta of more than 30 minutes daily is nearly neutralized as women 18-34 clocked 22 minutes of console time, while men 18-34 spent 48 minutes with their consoles."

Watching TV, of course, is an activity that tends to interest advertisers more than playing games. So what's in it for Nielsen and its clients?

Ah, that's where these "seventh generation gaming consoles" come in (I think I have one at my house, but I'll need to check its family tree to be sure).

Says Nielsen of the gaming systems: "With their ability to provide different entertainment options [they] could be considered an electronic godsend for advertisers who now have increased advertising opportunities to reach their best consumers—the ones spending more time in front of a screen."

In other words, guys, there'll soon be no place to hide.