HBO scores with its Palin film 'Game Change'

Sarah Palin can still pack them in. Even when someone else is playing her.

HBO’s “Game Change,” a chronicle -- from the team behind HBO's "Recount" -- of the former Alaska governor’s candidacy for the vice presidency nearly four years ago, drew 2.1 million viewers in its initial run Saturday, making it the highest-rated HBO original film in nearly eight years.

(Trivia buffs, take note: The last HBO film to do better in its premiere was “Something the Lord Made,” which drew 2.6 million viewers in May 2004.)

Premieres, of course, are only a small part of HBO’s business, and it’s also happy today that “Game Change,” which stars Julianne Moore as Palin and Ed Harris as John McCain, drew 3.6 million pairs of eyeballs over the course of four weekend airings.