Entirely 'Justified': FX promises more

Elmore Leonard (and Timothy Olyphant) fans, rejoice: FX has picked up “Justified” for a 13-episode Season 4.

No huge surprise there: With 4.3 million viewers a week, 2.1 million in the advertiser-targeted 18-49 demo, ratings for Season 3 are up 8 percent from last year, with six more episodes to go (including tonight’s) until the April 10 finale.

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Timothy Olyphant stars in FX's "Justified"

Developed by Graham Yost (“Boomtown”) from a short story by Leonard about a character named Raylan Givens — whom Leonard continues to write about, including his current bestseller “Raylan” — “Justified” stars Olymphant as a trigger-happy deputy U.S. marshal dealing with old friends, old enemies and old demons in his native Kentucky.

“There are many reasons all of us on ‘Justified’ are grateful to get a chance to do another season,” said Yost in a statement released by FX.

"We get to do more work with amazing actors, writers, producers, directors, musicians, editors and a jaw-droppingly talented crew. We get to keep doing a show that appeals to a wide demographic: people in Harlan, retired U.S. Marshals, criminals (we honestly did hear that), and, most happily, our guide, our muse, Elmore Leonard. Best of all, we get to keep doing a show on FX (and while that may sound like craven ass-kissing, when you look at their roster, you can’t help but feel grateful to be on that list).”