Jenkintown native's show 'Breaking In' again

Christian Slater (center) stars on "Breaking In." The show was co-created by Adam F. Goldberg. (Photo / FOX)

When Fox’s “Breaking In” returns tonight — at 9:30 p.m., following “The New Girl” — Jenkintown’s Adam F. Goldberg figures he’ll probably be tying a record of sorts with “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane — for most resurrections of a network-canceled show.

“I think we’re tied. I said, even if they want to pick us up this year, I might call [Fox entertainment president] Kevin Reilly and just say, ‘Cancel us, real quickly, just so I can be in the lead and beat Seth MacFarlane at something,’” Goldberg joked in an interview in January.

Honestly, I’d lost track of how many times Goldberg’s single-camera sitcom about a group of high-tech security firm employees led by a guy named Oz (Christian Slater) has been resuscitated, so I’ll take his word for it.

And with Megan Mullally joining the cast tonight, there’s an opportunity here for those who didn’t catch “Breaking In” last spring to start fresh with the lovable nerds of Contra Security.
I’m hoping it goes well, but I’m also curious to see Goldberg’s Plan B, another show he’s developing for Fox.

“It’s a show about my family, it’s like a ‘Wonder Years’-type show. It’s set in Philadelphia and it’s set in the ‘80s and I’m supposed to be writing it right now, but this show’s kept me so busy. I’ll do it at some point,” said the Penn Charter grad.

“Right now, it’s called ‘How the F- Am I Normal?’ It’s very autobiographical and actually the way I sold it to Fox was as a kid I was a giant nerd, and I recorded every moment of my childhood and my family’s very loud and we argued all the time and so I made a three-minute trailer of my family arguing — my actual family — Thanksgiving meltdowns, people storming from the table, my mom yelling at me to get the f- in the house, my dad calling me an idiot, it’s all in a little trailer, like a movie trailer. And they just watched it and they said, ‘We want to put this on the air.’ Done.”

Well, maybe they won't air the childhood highlight reel.

“My one brother’s a neurologist, my other’s a radiologist, so he was like, ‘Do not let this go on the Internet. Please.’ So that’s how I sold that show. It was going to be that or this. So I’m back at this [‘Breaking In’].”

As for his mother, “the thought of it horrified her, because she was there, she remembers. And then then she watched it and she was just like very touched, ‘cause she’s like, ‘It really captures our family.’ Which is, we’re loud and we really yell at each other a lot, but we love each other,” Goldberg said.

In the meantime, there’s still “Breaking In,” premiering tonight after what at first was expected to be a rerun and now appears to be a fresh episode of “The New Girl.”

“I’m just happy I’m on the schedule at this point,” Goldberg said. “I’ve been canceled so many times.”